Media releases thingy

Media is kinda my personal "waiting for list" for movies, series, games and other things it's very WIP and things changes all of the time like everything on this site but it works, showing last 3 days releases first and down is lists for upcoming releases by genres.
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Life is Strange (Ep 1)

Aww, first episode was very short and this game is not for everyone, anyways hoping that more came out soon because it is a amazing thing!
09.02.2015, 12:36 By Mindi 0 Comments

Raven's Cry

How this is even possible, in 2011 there was no Black Flag or anything open world related pirate game out there so it was so amazing to hear that we going to get one "soon", yeah right, it takes 4 more years and game is not even close to be that open world game what first was promised just have to say something about this, basically what i want to say is "don't bought this crap and look some sale for Black flag", just so disappointed for this.
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Just letting you know you can found me on twitter now, so you can contact me also from there.
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Neo900, Truly open smartphone

Found this Neo900 and it claims to be truly open smartphone, When those came out I really want to test one out, it is just what I would like to have, android is fine but I can't do thing what I really want with it.
06.01.2015, 22:07 By Mindi 0 Comments