Happy new year 2015 for everyone!

Resolutions don't be my thing but this year I made simple one, work on website and other projects harder, anyway happy new year 2015 for everyone.
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Shardlight - New game from studio behind Blackwell Series!

Wadjet Eye Games aka studio behind The Blackwell series is working on new post-apocalyptic point and click game named Shardlight! You can read more about it in here, release date is rumored to be somewhere around July next year, just can't wait for this, blackwell series is one of my favored game series.
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Steam for Debian

There is easy way to get steam for debian systems, first lets get git if you don't have it:
sudo apt-get install git-core

Then what we need is this nice package, it comes with glibc 2.15 so you don't need downgrade your current version:
git clone https://github.com/GhostSquad57/Steam-Installer-for-Wheezy.git

Now you need do this and everything should be fine:
sudo dpkg -i ~/Steam-Installer-for-Wheezy/steam-debian_1.0.0.49-7_all.deb

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My openbox setup so far

Installed things:
Debian base system - With SSH, Laptop and Standard system utilities.
Openbox & xorg - for the base x system.
Wicd - Nice Network manager.
Lxappearance - for themes.
Obmenu - to make my own right click menu.
Xcompmgr - for transparency windows.
Nitrogen - for changing walpaper.
Tint2 - simple bar for open programs.
PcManFM - File manager.
Conky - nice tool to show info about your hardware in desktop.
Midori - web browser.
Mocp - Console Media player.
Lastfmsubmitd - for last.fm support for mocp
Terminator - Alternative terminal emulator.
Tilda - Second terminal emulator for autostart to 2. desktop.
Geany - Text editor, this is new to me and on test to replace notepad++.

Font: Droid Sans Mono, 7-8

You can get my configs from here: Conky, tint2 and Mocp.

If you have anything to ask you can contact me right now from here.
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Minimal Debian - Autostart Programs

sudo nano ~/.config/openbox/autostart

In there just add bottom command to program like this:
tint2 &

Take a note that you need "&" end of every command.
tint2 &

conky &

xcompmgr &

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