The Code

Hi, this was great little documentary about linux and real hacker culture.
09.12.2014, 06:16 By Mindi 0 Comments

Marley Harambe Rasta

Recently my ebay headphones just broke so was thinking getting something little better this time, my next ones will be these marley ones, not yet in here but soon!
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World's Roundest Object

Cool, I want touch that too, fast update for site, now I have bb code for youtube videos.
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What's up?

Long time no see sorry about that, right now almost all my time goes to learning unreal engine 4 and modeling, also writing slowly story for my first game, oh and btw bought Asus eee Pc 900 from 2009, don't have it yet in here thought but it will be nice little linux box for writing on the go just need new battery for it and little tinkering.
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CM Storm Quick Fire Rapid I

My new keyboard is here tomorrow so excited about it! And new PSU in next week, now I just need to know what happens for my mouse what is right now with warranty service fellas, only time will tell.
28.10.2014, 19:46 By Mindi 0 Comments