Corsair CX500M V2

Hi, My main rig power supply start make some weird noises when you use it some demanding games and programs etc, was going to replace it anyways soon because it is now too small for my setup but anyways just to note, Don't bought these cheap corsair power supplys, not worth it.
19.10.2014, 20:38 By Mindi 0 Comments

World of warcraft, Patch 6.0.2

Only 4 weeks to expansion, Today we get so called pre-patch where we see this time little instance, stats squishing and new models also there is very poor pre event, oh well, it is just 4 weeks.

More about this on mmo-champion.
15.10.2014, 00:10 By Mindi 0 Comments

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel

Never really played borderlands games, don't really have time to all good games these days, anyway this one comes free when you purchase gtx 770/780/titan cards so why not try it, 2 days to go.
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The Long Dark

Found this very nice early access game about surviving in nature after global disaster, this is just so amazing!
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Kingston SSDNow V300 (60 GB)

And another update for my setup, little warning don't do this, really you need at least 128gb ssd even if it is your first one, but in other hand this have been really nice update for my main setup just too small, going to get another one in future but this works for now.
03.10.2014, 02:19 By Mindi 0 Comments