MSI GeForce GTX 780 Lightning

Yay, So thing is that I do have very old and bad graphics card (GTX 650 not TI), so I saw this a very attractive offer from, like really "only" 300 Euros, sure, I need wait 1 month to get it but will be very happy when I get it.
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Yes, I'm Still Here

So yeah, ended up to taking a little break from updating TinyUi but I'm here again, next days there will be some little updates to fix little things and after that I really need to do more Admin Tools, post are still posted with phpMyAdmin.. anyways just want to say that this is not dead project.
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Archeage Beta

Yay! Got a key to Archeage Beta last night, little too late but at least can see the game little-bit, beta ends on Monday but 11GB to go on 21.9GB download.. With my connection right now it takes some time.

If you want key too I suggest to look sites like
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Raspberry Pi B+

New Raspberry Pi Model B+ is not much but with same price as Old model B it is pretty good, there is now 4 x USB 2.0, new desing, 40 gpio's, mirco SD card slot and other little things read more in here.
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This is great! it's like short movie, defiantly worth of your time.
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