Imogen Heap, Sparks!

Yay! It's here, well at least on 18.08 it will be and about mouth waiting is nothing for 3 years journey what it takes for Imogen to get this point, I just love every single song from Imogen and just can't wait to get my hands on that shiny new album.
10.07.2014, 18:14 By Mindi 0 Comments

Summer Is Crazy

Summer is my favored time of year but is is also pain in ass when you have some kinda forcefield around your computer and temperature is inside that around our loved sun temperatures, anyways just little update, right now there is kinda vacations from coding, i really need it right now it is just impossible trying to make code when it is so hot in here.

Oh, and most of my time is well spend to Guild wars 2. (steam streaming thing + laptop + balcony = Win)

You can found me in GW2 under this name: Mindi.9506
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Guild Wars 2

Hey! Guild wars 2 is on sale for 19,99! Bought it and love it, definitely worth of that, offer ends on june 29.
27.06.2014, 17:00 By Mindi 0 Comments

Orphan Black

Found this nice show called Orphan Black, suggesting to check it out if you are like me and need daily dose of sci-fi in your life, well yeah it is not really sci-fi but good show anyways.
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Defiance Season 2

Defiance's season 2 started right about now, if you are not seen that series before now is good time to start with full season, also defiance game is now free to play, its not so good but you can kill some time with it for sure.
20.06.2014, 14:05 By Mindi 0 Comments