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Changelog 1.2.45
1 year, 11 months ago (31.01.2019) By Mindi


  • New/Random panel rewrite started.
  • Optimization with everything.
  • Item box rewrite, with new design.
  • Paginator rewrite, with new design.
  • Media button rewrite, with new design.
  • Audio singles has now own category.
Changelog 1.2.41
1 year, 11 months ago (23.01.2019) By Mindi

Smaller optimization changes.

Base Site

  • Blurred bg and lesser opacity for overlay to make very low-quality background that still looks good.
  • Small main logo overlay updates and shadow boxes for articles.


  • 'Random media' is now far-less demanding for server.
  • Single page "latest" redesign.
  • Single page has now mediatype logo's.
  • Shadows for media images.
  • Little font updates.
Changelog 1.2.4
1 year, 12 months ago (22.01.2019) By Mindi

After 1.2 changes have mostly been for collection system, it is organizing system for my media collection.

Base Site

  • Site background is now 2 separate layers for effects and bg image.
  • Image and css changes.
  • Overall optimizations for images and css.


  • Single pages (Example: all Witcher games and books are in one page).
  • Single page theme system.
  • New additions box and random box on front page.
  • Wikipedia / Trailer / Store links shown when there is one added for single page.
  • Clear logo when available shown on single page, otherwise using fallback theme colors for item text.
  • About box for single page when available.
  • Image and css changes.
  • Overall optimizations for images and css.
Changelog v1.2
2 years, 9 months ago (18.04.2018) By Mindi

Major site overhaul, complete rewriting last php version of site in python (django), basically doing site from scratch but keeping overall look pretty much the same.

Archive: VPS, SSL and more
4 years, 5 months ago (11.08.2016) By Mindi

Hello, its been a while anyways we are now on virtual private server with lets encrypt ssl cert also this site is running nginx and mariadb now making site little faster, vps is so awesome thing to have!

Future me: madiadb was not right call other than that good for you.