Changelog 2.1

Picture by Pontus Wellgraf

This update brings Event Calendar, Git Nexus,Tag system and some URL cleanup.


Base Site

  • Ability to make timed Articles.
  • Urls in multiple places cleaned up, Example:
From: /collection/item?i=medal-of-honor-ps1
To: /collection/item/medal-of-honor-ps1


  • Tag system implemented.
  • Every item has now some tags.


  • New app that shows some upcoming events.
  • There is some ETA/Unsure times there which are marked with Question marks.


  • There is now personal Gitea instance.
  • Wanting to integrate it more to main site but right now it just works.
  • This breaks little bit my "No JavaScript" policy but It works without JS.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed many element to look better on all resolutions, can't test 4K and up but they should be fine.
  • Fixed search buttons, used input type 'image' incorrectly.
By Mindi 01.05.2021 7 months, 1 week ago