Changelog 2.2

Picture by Oscar Ivan Esquivel Arteaga

This update focuses more for smaller changes and fixes, there is some new things too like latest page and small previews in banner for latest item in collection and next event, also made new background system that changes background based on time of day and season.


Base Site

  • New background system beta, changes randomly every x hour based on day time & season.
  • Tags and made in can be used now on search, example.
  • Tinybar is now fixed to follow scrolling.
  • Article title bar changes, smaller and under blur effect got some changes.
  • Latest addition for media collection now shown in banner.
  • Next event shown in banner.
  • Little transitions for hover over effects everywhere.
  • Icons have now some darker gray color on them.
  • Tinybar hides search when screen is extra small. (<340px width)


  • New latest page.
  • There is a little bit experimental multi filtering for media search, example.
  • Small expansion for "made in" flags, japan added.
  • Cleaned up collection front page and there is now smaller version from media card on random media slot.


  • Showing multiple event in single day now with icon presenting type of event.
  • Next events block shows now one ended event.
  • You can hover-over for event name.
  • Calendar icons scale down with smaller screens.


  • Gotify instance moved to live server.
  • Maintenance page re-design.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed 1 pixel off bug on article title bottom border.
  • Search button size and position on small screen fixed.
  • Pagination on author pages fixed.
  • Fixed current month events not correctly list more events after first 5 ended.
By Mindi 14.06.2021 5 months, 3 weeks ago