Changelog 2.3

Picture by Toan Chu

Hi, it has been sometime from a last update, I'm going to start working on for some game demos on godot most likely posting some stuff about them in here on some point.



  • Tinybar has now sub-menus.
  • New Spotlight box, showing 3 latest spotlighted articles, latest item in collection and next event.


  • Single item Image gallery implemented, only some items has images right now.


  • Date format changed and moved to end of countdown.
  • Next Event is highlighted.
  • All calendar types now have own RSS feeds.
  • Checked date changes and updated them.


  • Started to integrate Gitea, there is very simple demo page in here.

Bug Fixes

  • Showing all articles on page even when some are hidden.
  • Next Events block shows now upcoming events from next month also when month is ending.
  • Chromium based bug where calendar was broken.
  • Site scaling with media queries works better now.
By Mindi 22.10.2021 1 month, 2 weeks ago