Main Repositories

Repository Description Size Updated
gitea-theme-whirange Theme for gitea intance. 80.0 KB 15 Days
steamskin-whirange New version of my steam skin. 7.1 MB 4 Months
bspwm-dots Latest bspwm config files. 91.0 KB 5 Months
mindinet-background Django templatetag to select random … 34.0 KB 6 Months
hw-416b-mqtt PIR Motion sensor + MQTT + Nodemcu. 26.0 KB 7 Months
mfrc522-mqtt Sending MFRC522 data to MQTT server … 30.0 KB 7 Months
mindinet-api-client Little client to fetch api events fo… 27.0 KB 7 Months

Archived Repositories

Repository Description Size
mindinet_org Old php version of 6.2 MB
AmpForever-WinampSkin My winamp skin. 137.0 KB
Whirange-SteamSkin Old Steam Skin. 6.2 MB
Whirange-Fox Moved to bspwm-dots. 1.4 MB
Whirange-AwesomeWM Old Awesomewm dots. 10.1 MB
OLPY Don't even remember why this exists. 38.0 KB
WowMacros Old wow macros. 25.0 KB
ElitePlayer-Rainmeter Simple rainmeter to add "Radio" to E… 504.0 KB
E3-Countdown Old Counter script for E3 Event. 1.1 MB Simple script to use steam browser p… 22.0 KB
Broker_LegionAssaults Legion assault Data Broker plugin. 242.0 KB Moved to bspwm-dots. 50.0 KB