Alright back from vacation and it's finally time for this major update to go live, there is new Gallery page, own page for Consoles, Multiple things redone to simplify and cleanup code, site lives now inside docker, using brotli on some things and all packages updated to latest ones.



  • Moved to Django 4.1.6 and updated packages to latest ones, made temp fix for this bug in dockerfile to just replace those values with sed but it's fixed now on 0.14.5.
  • Site is now docker container, Dockerfile has now automated prod settings (Removal of some urls, prod secret key and disabling dev mode).
  • Removed unused python packages and cleaned up other host system files.
  • Statics are served now with WhiteNoise, this adds brotli compression for static files.
  • Testing django-compression-middleware, this adds brotli for HTTP.
  • Container served to nginx with gunicorn.
  • Fixed Gitea theme for 1.18.x.


  • Open Graph tags added on every page.
  • Breadcrumbs rewritten and extended to every page.
  • Paginator rewritten to cleanup code and make it reusable.
  • Background system works now with pictures that are not from unsplash.
    • Started adding my own pictures to backgrounds.
  • Added more backgrounds to background system rotation.
  • Site-wide css cleanup and colors are now more neutral.
  • Mobile design changes to make more space for content.
  • Added toggle for beta, some additional elements shows when it's enabled.
  • Tinybar code cleanup and small design changes.
  • Latest Gallery item added to spotlight.
    • Optimized for mobile.
  • Collection in spotlight optimized for mobile.
  • Spotlight re-designed.
  • About re-designed.
  • Small fixes for FOUC.
  • Small QuerySet optimizations.
  • Small SEO and Accessibility fixes.


  • New page for gaming consoles.
  • Consoles have now own pages.
    • Still needs paginating and other stuff.
  • More links on media cards and related spot.
  • Fixed small bug where image didn't fill full div.


  • New recently completed seasons box.
  • Added episode numbers to calendar hover over.
  • Next episode is now green if it's also a final in calendar and next up spots.


  • Created a Gallery.
  • Location has been added to spotlight hover over and image preview.
  • Pagination added.
  • Automated watermarking added.
  • Higher quality image links added to preview window.
    • Now also one mobile with shorter link names.
  • Still missing lot of things that has been planed like mobile optimization, albums, unlisted image, screenshot system integration and more.


  • If gitea instance is offline, showing fallback data on git page.