Optimization update, small design changes here and there, lot of optimizations, season finales are now marked in green and Startpage is done.




  • Spotlight design changes.
  • Spotlight shows now "season finale" text under countdown when episode is last one on season.
  • Optimizations for article images.
  • Optimizations for svg images.
  • Some images are now lazy loaded.
  • Combined some CSS files for less requests.
  • Frontpage size on load is now 0.6 - 1MB on desktop and around half of that on mobile without gzip.
  • Backgrounds should be now better looking and smaller they use my new optimization script.
  • robots.txt added.


  • Season finales are now marked with green.
  • Small changes for status/date texts.
  • Small optimizations for mobile.


  • Startpage completed.
  • Duckduckgo search added.