Hi it's been a while, getting back to it, first of all here is a smaller update to fix some bugs and vulnerabilities, In this update I added Albums and made some small design changes and fixes, there was this webp vulnerability so updated every package to fix also other bugs and vulnerabilities.



  • Moved to use self hosted email server.
  • VPS server had a little update, now server has basically everything doubled, so base site should feel a little bit faster and this also gives me possibly to add new services in future.


  • Django updated to 4.2.6.
  • All other packages updated to latest ones.
  • Spotlight boxes has more space for items that needs it, also testing some new design ideas.
  • Optimized some database queries that made wasteful calls.
  • Some views has now async enabled, example git page should be much faster comparing to before.
  • Gallery albums added to search results.


  • There is now initial album system.
    • New reusable card design for albums, I will add this to search and collection later, right now pretty similar to collection card but much better and cleaner css.
    • Albums and album views has now pagination.
  • Lightbox preview has now navigation arrows.
  • Gallery pages should load faster now but there is longtime bug in webkit that could make page really slow on some browsers when not using cache, latest about this in here.
    • Lazy loading lightbox image and using optimized image for smaller preview.
    • Async image loading.
    • Much higher quality lightbox images.
  • Location shows-up now on mobile view too.
  • Grids should now scale images to fit better with original aspect ration.


  • Cleaned CSS little bit.


  • Small admin side bug fixed where collection item auto slug could have a same slug on two of items on different platforms (Example. ps3 & ps4 versions of the same game).